Show House App

In 2018, I decided to leverage my expertise in 3D modeling and game engines to create an architectural visualization tool. I quickly realized that this could be turned into a business opportunity: A sales tool that could help new real estate developments to be sold even before construction.

Using cutting-edge technology, I developed an application that allows users to explore 3D models of the projected building, walk through them virtually, experiment with different lighting and weather conditions, and even customize materials, colors, and furniture..

Up to date, this technology has already been successfully used in the sale of several real estate developments through custom-built apps. After iterating on these projects, I now have a mature product that covers the entire sales process: attracting potential customers, engaging them through interactive visualization to create an emotional connection, and providing tools to retain their interest after the initial visit and encourage them to close the sale.


Corta Studios

I cofounded Corta Studios in 2013 with Ángel Brasero as a place to exercise our creativity and try innovative ways on video games and interactive platforms.

Our published games have been downloaded 150k+ times on multiple platform, appeared in press and received awards and mentions.

In addition to developing and maintaining several games and assets for the Unity Asset Store, I also wrote in the Corta Studios' blog covering several topics.



I co-founded Salumedia with other four partners in 2010. Salumedia is a start-up that develops custom project and consulting on e-health, serious games and health professional tools.

I worked as a CEO for two years, and then half a year as a project manager while I transitioned to Corta Studios.

During my time in the company we worked with the Panamerican Health Organization, the University of Los Angeles, the Government of Andalusia and others.