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Also, check my 3D showcase at Unity Connect: Unity Connect

Turing Adventure

Turing Adventure, the classic graphical adventure revisited. No more selections of text lines during conversations. Instead, talk naturally with non-playable characters. Don't explore, live the adventure.

Turing Adventure is a short graphical adventure game with a twist! Instead of choosing between dialog lines, you write, or say, using voice recognition, your own sentences. You can tell them whatever you want, and they will respond!

The game has been developed using artificial intelligence technologies to give non-playable characters a personality and the ability to speak freely, similarly to Siri or Cortana

The idea behind the game, rather than a mere technology experiment, is to provide the player a deeper feeling of immersion in the game, making him feel like being the main character, instead of controlling him.

Turing Adventure is being developed into a full featured game, and I hope to launch it within some months.

Colossal Leap Award

Colossal Leap Award

The game was developed in two weeks to participate in the Adventure Jam, where it won the Colossal Leap Award, that “represents the entry that pushes the envelope of adventure gaming in some unique way, opening a new door to the ever evolving world of adventure gaming.”

Press coverage

Imagine trying to negotiate with Siri, or GLaDOS, or C-3PO, just to get them to help you get out of a room.
- Indie Game Magazine

I was really captivated by the idea of using chatbot technology to build the NPCs. [...] the feeling of being able to write whatever you wanted to say, and getting actual responses from them was really stimulating.
- Jordi de Paco, one of the judges of the Adventure Jam, interviewed at Cheese Talks

Definitely ambitious and experimental
- Game Crimes


A modern take on the classic shmup genre, with strong storytelling, addictive gameplay, and HD hand-painted graphics. The ultimate shmup experience

I teamed up with some friends to participate in the first edition of the PlayStation Play Award in Spain. We were selected to showcase the game during the Madrid Games Week 2014.

Photon Rush

A gameplay-focused infinite runner game designed to be challenging for both novice and seasoned players during the whole run.

  • Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Store
  • Promoted several times in the Windows Phone Store and in MyAppFree
  • Good user and press reception.

3D Bird

An entry for the flappy Jam, developed in 48 hours. A fresh remake of Flappy Bird with a FPS perspective.

  • Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Store
  • 80k+ downloads!
  • Global, cross platform ranking.